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EBS International
Fair Value: 9
% of Fund Value: 0.1
Provides hosted member administration and asset management solution platforms.

Founded in 1998 EBS International, through its various subsidiaries, provides a multi-service financial services offering to the South African and International markets. These services include Hosted Administration Platform and Software, 13(B) Administration Services, Technology Services, Consulting Services, Disaster Recover/Business Continuity Services and Business Analytics.

EBS International combines robust, scalable and dependable technology with a highly focused commercial strategy.

With a specific focus on retirement funds, EBS International has sought to fundamentally change the relationship between retirement funds and their administrators thereby lowering the cost of administration while providing a significant increase in administrative capability.

EBS International has a PROVEN track record of delivery to multiple and diverse players, both domestically and internationally.


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Please be aware of fraudsters claiming to collect investment deposits using African Rainbow Capital's name. The public can only invest in our business if they have a share trading account.


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