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Fair Value: 153
% of Fund Value: 1.2
A long-term investor focusing on food and food processing, agricultural processing and the agricultural value chain.

Acorn Agri’s current portfolio comprises Overberg Agri Limited (25.15%), Grassroots Group Proprietary Limited (58.7%), Montagu Dried Fruit and Nuts Proprietary Limited (73.5%), Lesotho Milling (SA) Proprietary Limited (25.1%) and BKB (14.3%).

It aims to own and grow its agricultural and food businesses in Southern Africa by acquiring interests in businesses in the agricultural sector.

Acorn Agri is valued at R221m. The ARC Fund’s effective interest in Acorn Agri will be 15%.


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And with most of the service area experiencing healthy growth conditions, it expects another good agricultural year. Acorn Agri & Food has recovered remarkably from the trials and challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic with stronger operational performance resulting in headline
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